Ryan McCuller-Hinds

Melonie McPeters

Tabitha Barnes

Ryan believes, “the MWA Program has not only helped me to become a better [workforce] candidate, but it has also helped me to become a better person and father for my children. I now have stronger interview skills that I can use to land my ideal job.” Ryan thrives to “teach his children to aim high" and he believes this program, through our unconventional and engaging methods, has him on the right path. The MWA Program was a great step in a positive direction.

"This is the best day of my life!"

Tabitha completed the Missouri Work Assistance program and landed a job the same day.  MWA’s workshop helped her to build the confidence  and focus necessary to achieve her goals.  “I am in control of my future and I know I can keep moving forward with the  skills gained from this experience. 

“Despite the many obstacles I currently face, the Missouri Work Assistance Program has helped me engage in healthier relationships both personally and professionally. MWA has also helped me learn more positive communication skills and strategies that I can be use with my future co-workers, supervisors, and even my husband. I am ready to land my future job.” 

“I made sure I attended the Missouri Work Assistance program every single day. I loved the conducive learning environment the workshop provided. I enjoyed the transparency of the instructor and loved how real she was. She made sure we learned in a family-like atmosphere and that is what I liked most.  With all of the obstacles we each face in the world today, we had a place where we could go and discuss our problems. The workshop helped connect resources to people. Not only are the MWA people dedicated to helping others, but they also help you overcome barriers while helping you feel like you are not alone.”  

 Qunitelle M., recent MWA Graduate (not pictured)


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