For St. Louis families receiving TANF
Helping TANF/MWA participants make better Career choices.

What is the MWA program?

The MWA program is Missouri’s case management program and requires all Temporary Assistance (TA) participants age 18 or older and teen parents under age 18 to begin self-sufficiency planning immediately. An Individual Employment Plan (IEP) is mandatory for every Temporary Assistance eligible recipient who is not exempt from work requirements.  


The Family Support Division (FSD) has contracted with Family and Workforce Centers of America (FWCA) to provide work requirement services to Temporary Assistance (TA) participants in St. Louis City.


FWCA Career Coaches will assist you with a plan to reach your career goals, and if needed resources such as child care, funding for vocational education and training, GED, transportation reimbursement and cover some work-related expenses for uniforms, work shoes, tool belts, some car repairs, etc.

Time is running out! The life time limit to receive cash benefits is 45 months. 


Work Readiness Training 

Job Placement

You may be asked to attend four weeks of Work Readiness training, these four weeks will be the best you have ever experienced in a work readiness workshop.  The curriculum was designed to help jump start your desire to reclaim your dreams and hopes of becoming employed in a career of your choice.

The career coaches will provide you with job leads, help with your resume, job coaching and schedule interviews until employment is obtained.  The Career Coach will make sure you have the necessary tools and interviewing knowledge for a successful interview, including current resumes, appropriate clothing, child care, and transportation.


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