Our mission is to help individuals and families achieve and maintain self-sustainability through the dynamic application of evidenced-based training and workforce development. We fulfill our mission by addressing one simple question: What do you need to become employable and retain employment?  

If you are currently receiving TANF benefits, live in St. Louis City and have not enrolled in the Missouri Work Assistance (MWA) Program it will result in your TANF cash benefits being reduced or your case closed.


You must be in a training and employment activity for a minimum number of hours per week:

•  20 hours if the children are under age 6

•  30 hours if the children are over age 6


The required minimum hours per week for a two-parent household:

•  35 hours if the children are under age 6 and the household is not receiving federally funded     childcare on the household members, and

•  55 hours for all other households (two parent households may split the time)

Getting started developing your career goals

Creating your career goals will begin with the completion of an Individual Employment Plan (IEP).  Developing the IEP will help you think through some important issues that you may not have considered yet.  Your plan will become a valuable tool as you work toward your goal.  It will provide milestones to gauge your success.  The IEP along with other assessments such as health, family, employment will allow the MWA team to develop a holistic approach in assisting you.

When developing the IEP, ask yourself these questions:

What technical skills have I learned or developed that will help with my career choice?


What great complements have I received from past employers, teachers, relatives or friends?


What hobbies or interest do I have that have given me marketable skills? 


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